Our Vision


We contribute to the accelerated spread of e-mobility
and the widespread adoption of renewable energy
by developing our original advanced battery control technologies.



We aim to be a technology-oriented company. To that end, we rely on our own original technologies and products as our major revenue sources. We will not enter into business areas where we cannot create any value through our technologies. On the contrary, if we recognize technical value, we will move into other fields proactively regardless of the size of the business or the level of difficulty.

Open innovation

For a relatively small company such as ours, there are limits as to what we can do. In order for us to achieve meaningful results as quickly as possible, and on as large scale as possible, we need to find suitable partners to work with. We proactively collaborate with external partners in order to realize our business vision.

Reverse innovation

Now that, we are entering an era in which new technologies and new services are flourishing in emerging countries, where there are fewer barriers to development. In particular, China has emerged as a vitally important market for the EV field. China is already the world leader in EV, and it will become the first country in the world to make the recovery, reuse and recycling of electric vehicle batteries mandatory.
We are introducing our unique technologies in China, which is the leading country in the world in this sector. On top of this, we will expand further into global markets.

Company Name

Next Generation, New Energy x Technology Hardware x Software x Service EV, e-Mobility, Energy Storage

Company Name


This Logo was created by shaping the company name ”e” and imagining the dawn of technology.
"Advanced Battery Control Technology for Everyone" includes our wish to expand
safe, secure and long-life e-mobilities to the world with our battery control technologies.

Toward the Realization of an Energy Recycling Society