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Reconstructing the energy system using reused batteries

We utilize our unique battery management system (BMS) technology
to make it possible to convert batteries previously used for e-mobility into energy storage.

What is BMS?

BMS:Battery Management System
BMS is an important component that manages and regulates battery systems.
It enables battery systems that consist of lithium-ion batteries to be used safely and efficiently.

Main functions of BMS

Battery cell protection function

Regulates charging and discharging to enable the safe use of battery cells

State of charge (SOC) estimation function

Estimates and displays current SOC in comparison with the full charge capacity of each battery cell

Balancing (equalization) function

Equalizes the SOC of battery cells connected in series

Battery Lifecycle Management

We are proponents of battery lifecycle management, in which rechargeable batteries previously used for e-mobility can be converted for use as energy storage without the need for grading or reconditioning.

Developing control devices and BMS diverted from various applications with rechargeable batteries connected both in series and in parallel, combined with data storage/management platforms, enables rechargeable batteries to be used to the maximum extent possible across multiple applications.

From BMS to B2X

B2X:Battery To neXt values

B2X is a term we coined, which refers to battery-related modules and services that transcend the conventional BMS framework.
Combining with IoT modules enables us to provide data analysis services, such as remote monitoring of battery packs and battery systems and predictive diagnosis of failures.