3. Our Technologies



Our products and core technologies
enable longer life and multi-use of rechargeable batteries

  • 【 STEP 1 】
  • 【 STEP 2 】
  • 【 STEP 3 】
  • 【 STEP 4 】
Value demanded of batteries Capacity
Solutions Cells connected in parallel
⇒ S-module
Our technology
Effects of our technologies

Value demanded of batteries Voltage
Solutions S-module connected in series
⇒ L-module
Our technology ACB (Active cell balance)
Effects of our technologies ・Correction of voltage and capacity variations
・System loss reduction

Value demanded of batteries high voltage
Solutions L-module (battery pack) connected in series ⇒ Battery rack
Our technology Active module balance (AMB)
Effects of our technologies ・Correction of voltage and capacity variations
・System loss reduction

Value demanded of batteries Large capacity / maintainability
Solutions Packs connected in parallel
Our technology Intelligent hot plug switch (IHS)
Effect of our technology ・Full electric power utilization of packs connected in parallel
・Improved redundancy through active hot swapping

Our core technology

  • 【Technology01】ACB
  • 【Technology02】AMB
  • 【Technology03】IHS

Features of ACB (Active cell balance)

Methods to regulate the equalization of series batteries include passive balancing methods using conventional technology and active balancing methods using new technology.

ACB enables management of battery systems (battery cells connected in multiple series) as if they were a single battery.
Accordingly, the following effects can be expected.

1) Improved safety of battery systems
2) Reduced burden on specific battery cells, prolonging battery life
3) Extended range for EV vehicles

Features of AMB (Active module balance)

AMB compensates for the slight differences in voltage and capacity between modules in series batteries.

It enables the transfer of power among desired modules, and the balancing of voltage or electric energy.
It also enables compensation for any differences in each module’s total voltage.
(This operation can be performed among modules with a different number of series.)

Features of IHS (Intelligent hot plug switch)

IHS manages the voltage of multiple battery packs connected in parallel (battery rack), connecting and switching ON only when within the usable voltage ranges for each battery pack (battery rack), and switching OFF outside those ranges.

Connecting multiple battery racks in parallel with IHS enables all battery packs to fully utilize their capabilities.