3. Our Vision



「 We contribute to the accelerated spread of e-mobility
and the widespread adoption of renewable energy
by developing our original advanced battery control technologies. 」

Working to help realize an energy-recycling society

Management Policy


We want to continue to be a technology company.
To that end, the source of profit in our business must be the technologies and the products that we develop ourselves.
We do not enter fields where our technological value cannot be leveraged.
On the other hand, if we can make good use of our technological value, we will pro-actively enter markets, regardless of their size or difficulty of doing business.

Open innovation

For smaller companies like us, there are limits to what a single company can handle.
We firmly believe that having the right partners is essential for achieving results as soon as possible and as large as possible.
We are active in collaborating with external partners with the aim of realizing our vision together.

Creating new markets

At present, the automotive and energy industries are facing an unprecedented era of change.
We are committed to providing new value in the area where these two fields merge.
We uncover needs that our customers are unaware of, and work to create new markets in the battery sector.

Global from Asia

In our current era, new technologies and services are constantly launched from emerging countries, with very little to hold them back.
Especially in the EV field, we cannot avoid the Chinese market.
China is now the world’s top EV powerhouse, and it has led the rest of the world in making the collection, reuse, and recycling of vehicular batteries mandatory.
We will introduce our own technology to this progressive Chinese market, and aim for global expansion with our record of achievements.

Company name


This logo was created by adapting the form of the “e” in our company name and imagining the dawn of technology.
“Advanced Battery Control Technology for Everyone” incorporates our wish to expand safe, secure and long-life e-mobility to the world through our battery control technologies.