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What is BMS?

BMS:Battery Management System

BMS is an important component that manages and regulates battery systems. It enables battery systems that consist of lithium-ion batteries to be used safely and efficiently.

*Battery monitoring with IoT

*Battery monitoring with IoT

Main functions of BMS

1) Battery cell protection function

Regulate charging and discharging to allow the safe use of battery cells.

2) State of charge(SOC:State Of Charge)estimation function

Estimate and display the current SOC against the full charge capacity of each battery cell.

3) Balancing (equalization) function

Equalize the SOC of battery cells connected in series.

Achievements in BMS development

We have abundant achievements in BMS development from compact storage battery systems to electric buses.

From BMS to B2X

B2X:Battery TO neXt value

B2X is a term coined by our company, which refers to battery-related modules and services beyond the conventional BMS framework.
It provides a real-time remote monitoring and various data analysis by being combined with an IoT module.