Message from the President

We have developed our business globally with original technologies.

NExT-e Solutions Inc. is a company that works on the development of battery management systems (BMS) for lithium ion batteries and peripheral devices.
Since our founding, we have strived to research and develop original technology with the theme of "the balancing for series-connected batteries". This is important for upsizing storage battery systems.

Recently, the electrical motorization of vehicles and introduction of renewable energy have been rapidly advancing around the world as global warming measures, etc. Nowadays, rechargeable batteries play an important role in the transportation and energy fields. This is because rechargeable batteries are used as a power source for electric vehicles and as a buffer for the output fluctuations of renewable energy.

We are convinced that our technology will contribute to the efficient storage of electric energy and the long-life of rechargeable batteries. In addition, it will become the key for the expansion of rechargeable battery use in each field.

We will expand our business globally with these original technologies of us. And also, we will continue to make efforts to contribute to the accelerated spread of e-mobility and the widespread adoption of renewable energy in order to protect the indispensable global environment.

President , CEO