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Company Name NExT-e Solutions Inc. (abbreviated as NExT-eS)
Founded May 8th, 2008
Location Head Office and R&D Center
The University of Tokyo Entrepreneur Plaza 202
7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033 Japan
Phone Number +81-3-5844-6011
Registered Capital JPY 752,815,000 (as of March, 2019)
President Makoto Inoue
Employees 33 (including subsidiary staff, not including production staff, as of March, 2019)
Business 1) The development, manufacture and sales of the next generation battery management systems(BMS) and battery systems
2) The development, manufacture and sales of IC for BMS
3) Technical solutions for Lithium-ion battery reuse
4) Electric vehicle R&D, support and consulting services for vehicle development and manufacture
5) The development, manufacture and sales of core components for electric vehicles
Affiliated Company Shanghai EVTD Inc. (100%)
Shareholders UTEC (University of Tokyo Edge Capital) , Sumitomo Corporation, MOBILETRON, Shijo,
NGK SPARK PLUG, Toyodenso, TEPCO Power Grid, Fuyo General Lease,
Kyusyu Electric Power Company, K4 Ventures, Shikoku Electric Power Company,
Toyota Tsusho Corporation, ZENRIN, etc.


The University of Tokyo Entrepreneur Plaza 202 7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo, Tokyo 113-0033 Japan


May 2008 Founded Electric Vehicle Technology Development Inc.
May 2010 Selected as a support company by The University of Tokyo Edge Capital through UTEC EIR (Entrepreneurs In Residence) program.
April 2011 BMS prototype No.1 Loaded on specially equipped vehicles and demonstrated for 2 years.
July 2012 Exhibited at IEVE China 2012 (Beijing International Electric Vehicle Exhibition)
September 2012 Changed the company name to EVTD Inc.
November 2012 Founded Shanghai EVTD Inc. in Shanghai, China
November 2013 Started mass production and sale of BMS to the German market.
April 2014 Exhibited at Auto China 2014 (Beijing Motor Show)
September 2014 Commercialized a portable power supply system. Limited sale in China (now closed)
June 2016 Started mass production of BMS in Taiwan.
October 2016 Started market evaluation of active cell balancers
April 2017 Exhibited at Auto China 2017 (Shanghai Motor Show)
June 2017 Changed the company name to NExT-e Solutions Inc.